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Who We Are

Edenred is a leading digital platform for services and payments and the everyday companion for people at work, connecting over 50 million users and 2 million partner merchants in 46 countries via more than 850,000 corporate clients.

In the US, Edenred offers innovative solutions for employee benefits such as mobility, food, corporate payments, and incentives. These solutions enhance user’s well-being and purchasing power, improve companies’ attractiveness and efficiency, and vitalize the employment market and the local economy. We also foster access to healthier food, more environmentally friendly products, and clean mobility.

In the US, the Edenred family is made up of Edenred Benefits, Corporate Spending Innovations, and Edenred Global Rewards.

Edenred Benefits

has been providing employee benefits for more than 35 years, serving more than 10,000 employers, and offering benefits to more than 10 million eligible employees. Enhance your employee benefits package with our mobility and food solutions.

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Corporate Spending Innovations

is a leading B2B payment solutions provider that modernizes how businesses pay and get paid. The company’s cloud-based payments platform, travel solutions and global-fleet cards are designed for mid-size and enterprise businesses, across all industries. We automate 100% of B2B payables including virtual credit card, B2B Payments Network, ACH, and check. These solutions eliminate manual processes, reduce costs, increase security and provide greater control over cash flow.

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Edenred Global Rewards

is a worldwide leader in international recognition programs. We offer a multilingual API connected platform with digital rewards solutions in over 80 countries. We support partners programs PRM, Employee engagement ERM and customers with personalize, simple & real time fulfillment

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